Wednesday, March 30, 2011

"Beautiful Butterfly Bookmarks" For Charity, plus how you can make them for yourself or a school project

Promote reading by giving a bookmark :)

My daughter has been wanting to create something that she could make to help children and families in need by donating to charity. We came up with these beautiful bookmarks to sell, then donate the proceeds. For each bookmark that sells, $2.00 will go to charity, the remainder for more supplies to continue this project. After the donation is made, we will list which charity received it. She plans on working with different charities at different times. It could be a child battling a debilitating disease, a family loosing their home or other charity. My daughter is 7 yrs. old and donated her hair to locks of love last summer, she plans to do it again this summer. If you would like to purchase a Butterfly Bookmark to help others, go to and click on the link Thanks :)

Now, lets talk about how we made them. Maybe you will be inspired to make some of your own just for fun, a school project, or as gifts.

The fun thing about this is, it is also good for the earth, as it has a bit of recycling in it. I started with cereal boxes, they make a great base for the bookmark.

Supplies you will need:

Beautiful papers, ink, ribbon, wire, glue, sparkle glue, and watercolor paint, if you want to paint some plain white paper to make some of your own pretty paper. I designed my own butterflies and shapes with the SCAL program. You could also use the "Breezy Meadow Butterflies" at for yours, they have a great supply of ready to cut files for cutting machines. You could also cut everything with scissors, if you don't have a machine to cut them. Either way they will look great. Of course you could also make bunnies, easter eggs, or any other shape you can think up, for the top. So much fun and so many options. :)

Cut your cereal boxes apart, then into 2.5" x 6" strips. Next cut your paper the same size. Sandwich them together, with the cardboard in-between, for a finished look. You can then embellish them with other strips of paper. I like to ink the sides for a nice finished look.

Cut two pieces of card stock for your butterfly base, glue them together, cut the wing outlines, and glue the center of the butterfly onto the base butterfly. (this makes it look as if it's fluttering)

Cut and curl wire for the antenna ( I like to use a little scotch tape to secure them onto the base of the bookmark). Then glue your butterfly on top. When you are finished with that, punch a hole in the bottom and string ribbon through. Now you should have a beautiful bookmark.

They are so delightful and fun, plus functional! Help someone in need by purchasing one from my daughter at

I hope you enjoyed this project. Stop by often as I will be adding new fun projects all the time. :)

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Promote reading by giving a bookmark :)