Thursday, March 22, 2012

Butterflies Delight, Spring Birdhouse

I really had fun putting this little birdhouse box together, I decided to repost it for this spring! This project makes a great gift or decoration for your home.

To create the butterfly decorated roof with butterflies, I created my own two sided paper, using card stock. I painted the colors on with watercolor paint. I just love how the watercolor paint gives such a soft, beautiful feel. I used chalk inks to create shadows and definition to the piece. I also hope this will inspire you to to create your own or one just like this one. :) Be sure to check out all the pictures below, there is something to look at on each side of this cute little bungalow. If you do create one, I would love to see yours! Post it on the wall and let them know you were inspired by Fleurette. :)

Svgcuts Collections used:
Below you can see how I wrapped the tree from the side around to the front. I think it gives it a nice flow from side to front. I love to wrap things around when I can, then when someone picks it up to look at it they, automatically begin to turn the piece to look at all sides.

    This is the back of my little bird house box. I used a gate design, chalk/inked it to give it a rusted look. Added some more butterflies and more of the fern at the bottom.

    On this side of the bird house I used a gate design, cut out what I needed, added chalk and ink to give it a rusted look. I also cut up a fern to give the grassy feel at the bottom.

    Below is the roof of the "Spring Birdhouse" it is completely covered in butterflies. I made my own two sided paper, by watercoloring the card stock on both sides. This gives a really soft and colorful butterfly. Im sure you could also find some pre-printed paper that would also give this effect if you did not want to paint your own.