Sunday, March 27, 2011

Create A Quick Banner As A Gift

Today was my friend's son's birthday and they decided to come over to hang out. Well, he was turning 11, and loves WWE wrestling, so I thought I would surprise him with a banner he could hang in his room. We had already purchased him the wrestling figure you see in the photo, below. That is where the inspiration for this banner came from. As you can see I used the WWE wrestling colors, and they were right on the box. So use what you have around you, to come up with ideas. Your really don't have pull things out of thin air. Inspiration is everywhere you look, you just have to open your eyes and see.

This is a fun simple, quick project that you can make with or without a cutting machine. Of course a cutting machine makes it a bit easier and faster. All you will need is paper for all the pennants , ribbon and glue. Have fun and be inspired. :)

For my black base pennant I used the SVG cuts file "Pirate Birthday Party"
For the other pieces I used the SCAL software and my Cricut, scissors and my printer.
If you have any questions, leave a comment and I will be glad to help. :)

The photo below shows all the cut pieces without any inking around the sides and corners.  I am a huge fan of inking, I love the look it gives.  For an example of it inked, go to the first picture in this set to see how this piece of the banner looks finished.

In this photo you can see all the pieces are cut out. Figure out how many letters are in the name you are making. you will need one piece of paper in each color for each letter. So, if the name you are making is Kenny like mine, you will need 5 pieces for the base, 5 pieces of paper cut slightly smaller for the second layer and 5 more pieces cut a bit smaller than the rest. Once you have all of those cut and ready, you will need your letters. Either buy some at your local craft store or cut out your own.Once you have all your pieces, I like to ink the sides to give dimension or an aged look. That is totally optional.  Now you are ready to glue everything together, cut your ribbon, thread it through, knot it and you are done!

Click on the images to see a larger, closer view.

This the finished banner.

Banners are such a nice way to show someone how important and unique they are. So, make someone smile and make them a banner. They will be happy and so will you. And as always thanks for popping in. :) Get inspired and created something fun!