Friday, March 18, 2011

Having Fun With Paper Crafting, Painting and Canvas

Since the weather was cold for sometime, and I have not painted anything large lately. I needed some inspiration. Well, I had looked into paper crafting many times over the years for a few reasons. One it's a great way to play around without the big mess and worry of wasting expensive art materials. It's also a great playground for ideas. Then thought it would be fun to do with my daughter and friends. So I bit the bullet and bought a paper cutting machine. After purchasing the machine I found some great software that I could use to convert my images into files that I could cut. Wow, the possibilities are endless. I also found a fun site that sells pre-made SVG files that you can purchase to play with if you just want to make some fun stuff with your kids or create some nice cards, gift boxes or for those of you who may scrapbook this is for you! I was inspired by this great web site I found called they have a lot of fun ideas. I started messing with some of their files and voila I had a great new idea, here is what I created. I designed a tribute to Jim Morrison of the doors, It's a mixed media piece combining painting, canvas paper and a sealer. If you look in the skull the design is the graffiti from his grave site in Paris. I also put music notes in the Eiffel tower. Of course the lizard is his spirit or essence coming out of the skull, breakin on through to the other side. Morrison referred to himself as the lizard king and was really into American Indian mysticism. He spent the last moments of his life in Paris. I will be making this into a T Shirt really soon available for sale. Fun stuff. :)