Friday, March 28, 2014

Fleurette Bloom - LoveBug Creations Co-Blog-Hop

Welcome to the Fleurette Bloom-LoveBug Creations Co-Hop. 

This is the first stop on your tour of creative and inspirational crafty fun, with all the designers from Fleurette Bloom & LoveBug Creations!!! 

The pairing of LBC's fantastic rumple ribbon and other trimmings with Fleurette Bloom's outstanding SVG's and digital delights is a great way to jazz up your projects - who wants to be ho-hum? 
Not us grab your favorite beverage and settle back for some crafting inspiration 
for just the right touch of class

Topiary Tree By: Fleurette
I love topiary trees and have always wanted to create my own out of paper.  When I received the beautiful Rumpled Ribbon from LoveBug Creations, I knew it would be perfect for this project.  

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I wanted my topiary tree to be simple to make, without the need to buy a bunch of extra supplies from the craft store.  So here is how I did it. 

Supplies used and instructions:

  •  "Outer Limits" 3D SVG Kit   - Planet Saturn  (round base) hot glue "spiral roses" to sphere
  • "Lush Flowers" SVG Kit "Spiral Rose" easy to roll a bunch at once - cut, spritz with water, roll and glue.  I sized 4 roses together to 4.5"W x 5.7"H and filled the page with them, it will use aprox. 5 pages, depending on how tight or loose you roll them.  I rolled mine tight so, it took more roses.  *Tip - roll them all before gluing, just makes it all go together a bit faster. 
  • "Valentine Be Mine" 3D SVG Kit - Coffee mug - makes the perfect pot (sized just as it is when    you open it in your software).
  • Rumpled Ribbon - Bahama Mamma Collection - Purple-dise  from LoveBug Creations.  Just so pretty!!!
  • Beautiful Blooms - I used a small tan colored bloom from LoveBug Creations and added it to my bow.  
  • Pencil - I bought a cute pack of Easter pencils for my stem, it is the perfect size and so easy to use. 
  • Preserved Sheet Moss- Added to the top to cover inside
  • Burlap - to add some texture (optional)
  • Twine - to add an extra touch to the pot (optional)
  • Floral Foam - small piece, to hold pencil in place. 
  • Glass Flat Marbles - to weigh base down a bit. 
*Hot glue the base of your rose sphere to the pencil. Then place in your pot. 

This topiary tree is easy to make and I think it will make a great gift! :)

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Happy Crafting
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