Friday, November 7, 2014

Flower Gift Box By: Fleurette Bloom ~ Trendy Twine Guest Design Spot

When I was asked to Guest Design for Trendy Twine I was so honored, as it is my absolute  favorite go to for that extra special finishing touch on projects.  Also the quality of the product and people are top notch!!!

Today I am sharing with you a pretty fall themed gift box that I embellished with Orange Truffle  and Totally Sky Trendy Twine giving the appearance that it is all wrapped up.  The fun part is you can open it without removing the twine! It will always look like a pretty wrapped up package / decoration.  I think this will make an extra special gift!

To create this special gift box, I used the following Fleurette Bloom  3D SVG files and Paper Collection:

The Trendy Twine I embellished with is: 
* To attach the twine so that the box can be open and closed without removing it:
     1. Cut strands of twine long enough to reach around two sides and top of box.
     2. Drape strands over top and sides of box forming and X.
     3. Glue twine strands with hot glue to the top / center of the box (let strands drape down the                    sides.
     4. Glue bottom ends of twine to bottom edge of box, then cut so they are even with the bottom of            the box. 
     5. Glue on your leaves and flower to top of box. 
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Thanks for popping in to see my project!

Happy Crafting, 

Box is from the new "Harvest Happenings" 3D SVG Kit