Monday, April 6, 2015

3D Bunny Cake Tutorial

I know it's not a paper craft, but I thought I would share with you our 1st experience creating a 3D bunny cake! Although my paper crafting supplies always seem to come in handy!  Check out how we used some  Trendy Twine​.  I love making stuff with my daughter!  <3  Scroll down to see our how we did it! :)

Here is my daughter with our finished cake, scroll down to see why it's on it's side rather than sitting up!  LOL :) 

We started out with this pretty Nordic Ware 3D Bunny Cake Pan.  Makes a great decoration too!  (just be sure and keep the cute elastic band and bow for when you are done baking) 

The great thing is this is a project your kids will LOVE to make with you!  You can just supervise and let them do most of it :) (a firm cake mix works best with 3D molds)

Her it is all filled on one side (the side without the steam hole)  I had never used one of these and the directions really don't tell you how to do it.  So, I will give you a few tips.  Make sure to grease and flour well, fill the bottom bunny to the edge. Next you will close it up, then tie it with some bakers twine to keep the lid on tight while baking. 

Here is where your paper supplies come in handy! If your a paper crafter, you're more than likely to have some twine in your stash.  I used some Grape Fizz Trendy Twine. (gotta love this stuff)

Yay, looking good so far!  Make sure you tap it all around to loosen it up before taking the top off. Then place it back on, flip it over and tap the bottom too. Then it should come out of your pan nicely. 

I think this is the kids favorite part!  Icing the cake :)
Don't worry how it comes out, as long as they are having fun, thats all that matters.  You can always add a couple of finishing touches at the end too if you like. 

U oh! Ours fell over and right when she was almost done! We realized it would be a good idea to have a spiked cake stand to set it on.  Next time we will get some of these Wilton Floral Cake Spikes and make a base out of cardboard, cut some holes in it and slip these in from the underside to hold up the cake.

No worries, it gave us a good laugh and we decided it was time for plan B.  We set the cake on it's side and decorated it that way :)  

To make the cute bow, eye and pink in the ear we used these Betty Crocker Icing decorating cans.  There  great because there easy to use and come with the tips! We got ours from our local grocery store, I think most craft stores carry them as well. 

Ta da!!!  It's a bunny cake :)  We had a fun time making it and even a better time eating it!!! 

Happy Crafting